Jak () means creation and Myung (٣) means name, therefore, Jak Myung (٣) means creation of name or just simply naming. Naming is a way of planning one's life. One's trait of character is analyzed through Sa Joo, and a name must be given in accordance with its features. Characteristics and traits are thoroughly examined in the process of Naming. Ki comprised in a name becomes the most essential part since it represents the flow of his/her life. Naming is nothing but harmony with Sa Joo in accordance with Eum Yang and Oh Haeng.






1) Harmony of Eum Yang (Han Ja's number of strokes, form of Han Ja, vowel sound).

2) Auspicious combinations of Sa Gyuk Soo Ri.

3) Appropriate application of Oh Haeng arrangement in accordance with the trait of character.

4) Good arrangement of phonemes.

5) Appropriate application of Ja Won Oh Haeng.

6) Good arrangement of meaning.

**Sa Gyuk Soo Ri is not applicable for English Names.



HAN JA: Chinese Character

JOONG: Middle state, in between Eum and Yang

JA HOEK: Han Ja's number of strokes

JA HOEK EUM YANG: Odd number is Yang, even number is Eum

̫ SA GYUK SOO RI/ SOO RI: Numerics of Four Forms, different combinations of Ja Hoek according to positions of each Han Ja in the name

JA HYUNG EUM YANG: Han Ja form divided into left and right is Eum, undivided Han Ja form is Yang

EUM WOON: Pronounced phoneme

̿ JONG SUNG YUN GYUL: Pronounced consonant cluster on the end of Korean orthographic syllable

YUN EUM: Continuously pronounced phoneme

ٽ MO EUM EUM YANG: (-a) (-ya) (-o) (-yo) is Yang (-uh) (-yuh) (-oo) (-yoo) is Eum (-eu) l(-i) is Joong

JA WON OH HAENG: Oh Haeng of Han Ja's nature

߾٣ MIDDLE NAME: Middle letter of name (Usually Korean/Chinese names are composed of three letters; surname comes first in order)

٣ LAST NAME: Last letter of name

̫ CHUN GYUK: Sum of surname's Ja Hoek and Tae Geuk Number, 1, checks the harmony of sequence (For two lettered surnames, add Ja Hoek of the two letters)

̫ JI GYUK: Sum of middle name's Ja Hoek and the last name's Ja Hoek.

̫ IN GYUK: Sum of surname's Ja Hoek and middle name's Ja Hoek **Heart of Name

̫ OE GYUK: Sum of surname's Ja Hoek and the last name's Ja Hoek

̫ CHONG GYUK: Sum of surname's Ja Hoek, middle name's Ja Hoek, and the last name's Ja Hoek **Backbone of Name

SOO RI GOONG HAP: Harmony of Soo Ri in terms of Oh Haeng

JOONG SHIM SOO RI YUN OH HAENG: Harmony of Ji Gyuk-In Gyuk-Oe Gyuk in terms of Oh Haeng; checks harmony of sequence and core luck

CHONG HAP SOO RI YUN OH HAENG: Harmony of In Gyuk-Oe Gyuk-Chong Gyuk in terms of Oh Haeng; checks harmony of sequence and general luck